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Jesus Music On Line (JMOL) is a non-profit ministry sharing the "Good News" that Christ has risen from the dead and provided us salvation through his redemptive work on the cross that brings us into relationship with the Father. 

I do this as a ministry so JMOL does not take financial contributions.  I hope this music blesses you as it has for me since 1974 when I met "The Archers" at a JR High Retreat with Calvary Temple, Denver, CO.

Then as a "Radio Minister" for WAJL Radio, Winter Park, FL from 1982-1984.

We are registered with the State of Florida and with the IRS as a non-profit, 501(c)3 religious organization.


If you wish to donate ask that you do so as an offering to the CCM Music Ministers played on JMOL. We also encourage you continue to support the Christian Music ministers that we play on JMOL at their websites.

God bless you!


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